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Appointments During COVID-19



At present, we remain open and will continue to see patients and provide services as per usual.

We know that larger facilities and practices have had to make more drastic restrictions. As a smaller private practice, we are striving to provide ongoing access to care for all patients - both established and not.

If you are due for screening mammography, but have been requested to delay elsewhere, we can perform your imaging at Carolina Breast Care Specialists, PA. We are an FDA and ACR accredited mammography practice with state of the art 3D mammography and all imaging reviewed by a fellowship trained mammographer.

If you are able to provide an order/request from a referring provider, we will make certain they receive your results after obtaining prior studies for comparison.

- A results letter will also be mailed directly to you. If you do not have a referring provider, we can schedule a corresponding clinical visit with Dr. Canale on the same day as your imaging. 

We do make the following requests

1) If you are ill in any way or feel you may have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, please contact the office at the earliest convenience PRIOR to your appointment for instructions on how to proceed.

2) We will see only scheduled patients - no walk-ins. If you have an urgent problem, please call us first. We continue with our commitment to see urgent patients on a same or next day basis but again wish to manage appointment times to minimize gatherings in the office in line with social distancing.

3) We respectfully request that patients present for their appointments as close as possible to their schedule time. We will do our best to maintain efficiency and avoid prolonged waits to the greatest extent possible. If you will be delayed in arrival, please contact the office. Delays greater than 15 minutes may be requested to reschedule. Our goal is to keep the total office census below 10 people (staff and patients) at all times.

4) We respectfully request that patients present for their appointments unaccompanied whenever possible without additional friends or family members unless specifically requested. If a patient requires assistance with transportation or translation, we request that they limit accompaniment to one person only and, if possible, let us know in advance that they will be accompanied. Again, our goal is to keep the total office census below 10 people (staff and patients) at all times.

We will continue to provide updates as warranted. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any additional questions or concerns that we may address. Please understand that everyone’s health is our primary concern.


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