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Top Questions


Do you take my insurance?

At Carolina Breast Care Specialists, PA, we are credentialled with and accept most every plan on the market with the exception of certain Duke only plans and Medicaid.


Do you see self-pay/self insured patients?

We are more than happy to see any patient (including Medicaid) on a self-pay basis.  We do require an upfront downpayment towards services for self-pay patients.  Prompt payment discounts may be considered on a case by case basis but these arrangements must be made PRIOR to services rendered.


What will be my out of pocket expense/cost?

Most patients will qualify for copayment only for their office visit with the amount determined by the individual policy.  Additional services may be designated by your insurance company as incurring coinsurance or be designated to your deductible by your insurance company

Do I require a referral?

While the vast majority of patients are referred, this is not a requirement on our part but may be required by some insurances.  We will request the names of other providers on your care team so that we can communicate and coordinate your care with them.


How soon can I be seen?

Urgent appointments area always available when appropriate on a same day or next day basis.  This is our commitment to all patients and referring practices.


When will I have my testing/biopsy/surgical results?

Timelines can vary but most results are available in 48-72 hours.  These will be communcated to you as soon as they are available to the practice and have been reviewed by Dr. Canale.  


Will I have access to my results/reports?

Yes, every patient has a secure portal account accessible at  This portal also allows pre-registration for your appointments, the ability to request appointment dates/times, and to communicate with the office staff.


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